Navigating Pregnancy and Parenthood in Covid-19 Era

The global and national effects of the COVID-19 pandemic are far-reaching and difficult to convey in a few words. Numerous people have lost loved ones, experienced COVID-19, or witnessed their children become ill during the pandemic. Through masks, quarantine, and distance learning, we made it. Since the initial cluster of instances was recorded in Wuhan, China, in December 2019, humanity has been going through this together. So that you can make sense of pregnancy and parenthood in the Covid-19 Era, we’ve compiled some resources to aid you in doing so.

Our household’s 2020 anxiety was founded, in large part, on the uncertainty of the future, and I’m sure many of you can empathize. My worries as a wife and mother of two school-aged daughters were intense at times. Many times I questioned my own health because of the fear’s bodily manifestations.

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My loved ones were able to help ease my concerns. He was my steadying influence, my husband. The method by which my daughters dealt with learning in a distant setting was nothing short of remarkable. Competitive dance’s usual pirouettes and jetés were put on hold. There wasn’t anyone else on the soccer pitch. The scouts held their meetings online. In other words, time slowed down.

I appreciated the time we spent together relaxing and not constantly doing something. We did plenty of different activities, such as playing games, going on walks, watching movies, solving puzzles, and creating artwork. Birthday “parties” were parades through parking lots. We made the best of a difficult circumstance, I kept reminding the kids.

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Nearly three years have passed, and though it has become a cliche, we have settled into a new normal. A new normal in which concerns like “Should I wear a mask in Target?” are as common as the annual COVID booster shot. Asking, “Is it a cold or COVID?” Asking, “Have you heard about the new variant?” The pace of life, however, is similar to what it was before the pandemic. Children rarely wear masks at school. We are once again scrambling to accommodate their hectic schedules and activities.

Despite getting back to a semi-normal state, things will never be the same. Those who aren’t there to share family dinners feel lonely. People’s health will suffer in the long run. The way we reason and act is unique. After the epidemic put our work-life balance into perspective, several of us have changed employment (for the better!).

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Each of us will inevitably have a pandemic tale of our own. We know you probably have some questions yet, though. Even so, we anticipate that you may have some remaining inquiries. Moreover, we are aware that you still have certain concerns and inquiries. So that you can make sense of this still-chaotic world, we’ve compiled some resources to aid you in doing so.

Articles about the effects of COVID on pregnancy and breastfeeding are included in our guide. We discuss the effects of current virus strains on kids and whether or not they can become reinfected. Also included are tips for keeping your kids safe at school. Mental health, sleep disturbances, weight gain, and the development of type 2 diabetes are all discussed as additional consequences of the epidemic that cannot be ignored.

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