### Enhancing Parenting Skills: Palmyra Teacher Utilizes Infant Simulators

Palmyra, Missouri (KHQA) — A teacher in Palmyra has implemented an innovative method to help her students comprehend the challenges of caring for a baby.

Aron Knoche, the Family & Consumer Science Teacher at Palmyra High School, incorporates the use of Real Care Baby Infant Simulators from CHART Teen Task Force into her curriculum.

The United Way of Mark Twain’s community agency spotlight for January showcases the impactful work of CHART Teen Task Force and the educational value of their infant simulators.

These advanced baby simulators offer students a hands-on experience in understanding the responsibilities of baby care.

Under Knoche’s guidance, students are tasked with caring for these infant simulators for several days as part of their coursework.

The simulated babies necessitate various tasks such as changing diapers, feeding, burping, rocking, and continuous attention, complete with a car seat and a diaper bag.

Funded by CHART Teen Task Force, each baby simulator, valued at over $1,200, is provided to Knoche’s classroom at no expense.

Schools across Northeast Missouri have access to these simulators through the organization without any charges.

Knoche views the Real Care Baby Infant Simulators as an effective tool for instilling a realistic understanding of the challenges of parenthood in her students.

According to Knoche, “Hands-on experiences surpass textbooks and videos in educational value.”

Drawing from her personal experience as a mother of three, including twins, Knoche emphasizes the profound impact of parenting on one’s life.

She underscores the importance of the simulators in prompting students to contemplate the life-altering responsibilities and commitments that come with having a child.

Knoche’s own journey of unexpectedly becoming a mother of twins at 28 informs her approach to educating students about the transformative nature of parenthood.

Through the simulators, students engage in conversations about teen pregnancy, emphasizing the significance of timing and readiness before embarking on the journey of parenthood.

Knoche aims to empower her students to prioritize personal growth, education, and career development before considering parenthood.

The Real Care Baby Infant Simulators serve as a reality check for students, offering a glimpse into the complexities of parenting and encouraging thoughtful planning before starting a family.

CHART Teen Task Force’s mission is to reduce unintended teen pregnancies in Northeast Missouri by offering programs like the Real Care Baby Infant Simulators to schools.

In addition to these initiatives, the organization hosts an annual Teen Health Fair where students can access valuable information on health and safety topics while enjoying complimentary food and exciting prizes.

This year’s Teen Health Fair is scheduled for Saturday, February 3rd at the Admiral Coontz Recreation Center in downtown Hannibal from 11 am to 2 pm.

United Way plays a crucial role in supporting the efforts of CHART Teen Task Force through the ‘Be a Light’ Campaign, advocating for community involvement in funding essential programs.

For more details on the United Way and its initiatives, please visit their website.