**Paloma Faith Reflects on Heartbreaking Split from Partner**

Paloma Faith has described her separation from ex Leyman Lahcine as ‘the most challenging experience of her life.’

The 42-year-old singer is set to appear on the Jonathan Ross Show this week, where she openly discusses the cathartic process of creating her upcoming sixth album, titled The Glorification of Sadness, which delves into her personal journey.

While reflecting on the album, Paloma shared, ‘Each album is deeply personal, but this one specifically delves into the most difficult period of my life when I went through a breakup with my partner of a decade, who is also the father of my two children.’

Paloma and French artist Leyman, 36, tied the knot in 2017 but announced their separation in 2022 after a nine-year relationship.

Discussing her current relationship with her former partner, Paloma disclosed, ‘We’re in a good place. Considering the circumstances, we’re managing well. I’m not trying to emulate Gwyneth Paltrow’s “conscious uncoupling.” There are tough moments, but we’re navigating through it, and I believe we’re handling it better than some married couples.’

She further explained, ‘The key to our amicable relationship now is that we have minimal expectations of each other. This mutual understanding has been instrumental in our positive dynamic.’

Paloma also shared insights into how her ex-partner reacted to the breakup being the inspiration behind her new album, stating, ‘He understood the implications. Initially, he was taken aback when he watched my “How You Leave A Man” video and questioned, “Why am I in the trunk?” It’s symbolic, darling!’

Reflecting on their eternal bond through their children, Paloma expressed, ‘Our love created something eternal through our children. Despite our altered circumstances, our connection remains infinite. I dedicated this album to him and our kids as a testament to this enduring love.’

In a recent appearance on the How To Fail With Elizabeth Day podcast, Paloma disclosed a heartbreaking miscarriage incident on the set of the 2019 series Pennyworth, where she portrays the character Bet Sykes.

While filming a physically demanding scene, Paloma realized she was experiencing a miscarriage but opted to continue filming out of fear of jeopardizing her job. She recalled, ‘I felt the loss occurring during the shoot, but I pushed through as I couldn’t afford to lose my job or risk a viable pregnancy.’

Paloma also shared her challenging journey, including a traumatic ectopic pregnancy following IVF treatment, which affected her fertility due to damage to one of her fallopian tubes.

Opening up about concealing her miscarriage at work, Paloma revealed, ‘The ordeal began during a fight scene on the set of Pennyworth. Despite the physical discomfort, I chose to conceal it, citing food poisoning to avoid being sent home. I was determined to continue working despite the circumstances.’