### Considering Hiring a Parent Coach: The Emerging Trend and Its Benefits


Tantrums are not exclusive to toddlers. It’s common for adults in charge to feel the urge to yell or cry in response. This is where parent coaches come in. This emerging profession aims to assist parents in raising their children more deliberately.

Kiva Schuler, the founder and CEO of the Jai Institute for Parenting, which educates parent coaches, highlights the lack of parental education on child development and emotional regulation. She emphasizes the need for support in deviating from traditional parenting methods inherited from one’s own upbringing.

Parent coaching focuses on training parents rather than managing children. It revolves around equipping adults with effective communication skills, emotional intelligence, and the ability to regulate their emotions. The goal is to prevent internal conflicts from affecting parent-child interactions.

Gloria DeGaetano, the founder of the Parent Coaching Institute, underscores the role of a “parent coach” as a partner to parents, guiding them as whole individuals. The emphasis is on empowering parents to navigate the challenges of parenting by asking thought-provoking questions rather than providing direct solutions.

Parent coaches differ from family therapists as they concentrate on skill development and values identification rather than mental health diagnoses or addressing past traumas. The focus is on creating actionable plans for the future.

Parent coaching sessions can assist parents in addressing various challenges, from everyday behavioral issues to more complex family dynamics. By enhancing emotional intelligence, parents can model positive behaviors for their children, fostering empathy and communication skills.

The cost of parent coaching varies depending on location and format, ranging from individual sessions to group coaching or online courses. While the price may vary, the process typically involves multiple sessions over a few months to allow for reflection and implementation of strategies.

When selecting a parent coach, it’s essential to consider their specialization, coaching style, and compatibility with your needs. A willingness to introspect and adapt is key to maximizing the benefits of parent coaching, as ultimately, the focus is on self-improvement rather than changing the child’s behavior.