### Creative Parenting: United Airlines Passenger Allows Child to Doodle on Tray Table, No Cleanup in Sight

If your children want to unleash their artistic talents on tray tables, please make sure they use erasable markers and remember to erase their masterpieces before disembarking.

During a recent United Airlines flight to Saint Martin, a passenger was surprised to discover colorful children’s drawings adorning their tray table in shades of orange, green, black, and blue. However, this was just one of the issues they encountered during the journey. The passenger also mentioned encountering impolite flight attendants and witnessing a disruptive altercation onboard. Despite these disturbances, the cleanliness of the tray table seemed to be their primary concern, lamenting the lack of cleaning attention. It raises the question: Who would choose to doodle directly on the tray table instead of using paper?

In a tweet, the passenger likened their experience on the United Airlines flight to that of a Spirit Airlines flight, expressing dissatisfaction with the service and incident onboard. They vowed to opt for Delta and JetBlue for future trips to Saint Martin, emphasizing their preference for these alternatives.

Reflecting on a past incident from five years ago, a mother assisted her child in drawing on the tray table located in front of them. The observer at that time pondered the use of erasable markers for such activities. The underlying principle revolves around accountability for any damage caused to another individual’s property, highlighting the importance of compensation where necessary. With advancements in technology, certain erasable drawing tools now leave no trace behind, contrasting with traditional markers that may leave residual marks akin to those seen on whiteboards or chalkboards over time.

While concerns about leaving marks on surfaces persist, ensuring that the seat is left in its original condition upon departure can mitigate such worries. Many passengers already leave their seats in less-than-ideal states without resorting to drawing on them.

It is crucial to acknowledge that cleaning responsibilities cannot be shifted onto others. Particularly on short turnaround times between domestic flights within the U.S., the likelihood of prompt cleaning is minimal. Neglecting to address such markings promptly increases the risk of them becoming permanent fixtures.

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