Parenting Techniques for the Busy Mom

As a stay-at-home mom to three kids, I’ve learned the importance of utilizing parenting techniques for the busy mom while keeping up with my career and my children’s academic pursuits. Since the arrival of our new baby, life has become extremely hectic, and my role as a mother has increased exponentially. The age gap between my three children is five years. Having an older sibling around can be helpful, but it’s also been difficult to balance the needs of all three children, who are at very different developmental stages.

My eldest son is interested in video games, my middle daughter would like me to sit down and do her nails and makeup, and my youngest daughter needs me constantly. Clearly, then, this is not a simple task. I constantly struggle with mommy guilt and the feeling that “I am not enough” to make each of them feel loved and special.

Telling your children the truth.

I think it’s unfair that mothers are held to such high standards. We’re expected to be superhuman, never tire, prepare three square meals a day, limit our children’s screen time, organize fun activities for the family every day, and keep a spotless home. The truth is, no matter how hard I try to be the best mother I can be, I will never live up to such an ideal. We’ve all felt the effects of family stress, and there are many potential triggers, such as a recent move, an argument with a sibling, or a shift in the family’s routine or routine activities. It has recently dawned on me that it is acceptable to feel exhausted at times. It’s acceptable to express my feelings and to take a break if necessary. In the end, we’re both just flesh and blood. Keeping moms in the loop helps relieve stress for everyone.

When it comes to our children, we can be so incredibly naive. I’ve learned that the best way to help them cope with family transitions, family stress, and difficult times is to be as open and honest with them as possible. They have benefited from my willingness to show my humanity and authenticity because of the lessons they have learned about handling and processing their own emotions. We place a premium on providing a secure environment in which they can speak freely and openly and on setting a positive precedent for others to follow.

Modelling relationship.

We’ve realized that everyone benefits when mom and dad have a solid foundation for their marriage. In our relationship, my husband and I always put ourselves first. To be honest, it may sound strange, but we think a strong marriage is a key to success as parents. Our children have benefited from watching us as we have dealt with and overcome our own personal difficulties, family tensions, and feelings of inadequacy. Giving them examples of how to handle change or stress at home will help them in their own lives, whether with their siblings or in the classroom.

Techniques To Try As A Parent:

Check-in with children every day and validate their emotions.

Tell them it’s normal to experience a wide range of emotions, including anger, happiness, sadness, excitement, and fear. All these emotions have their place, and young people should never feel bad about themselves for experiencing them.

Take each kid out on their own date.

Having quality one-on-one time with each child is essential, especially if you have more than one. It need not be a fancy trip. Staying in and having a picnic in the backyard or taking a short walk in the park are two examples of low-key ways to spend a day off. For a child, nothing is more special than having your full attention. And these are the times when they might benefit most from being encouraged to talk about how they feel or their problems at home.

Let kids have some room to explore their individuality.

All children are not natural-born orators. Perhaps emotional expression is a novel concept for them. The more time they have to think about what you’ve said to them, the better. It’s important to keep trying if they respond later. Be mild and considerate. Mama, keep in mind that they might be having it rough, too. Maybe in time, they’ll see the light. Time is needed to manage family stress.

There is nothing wrong with needing assistance from other parents.

As a parent, you can find support from various sources. To sum up, avoid isolating yourself. Seek a friend, partner, or group to talk to. Do not feel guilty about asking for assistance from other parents; no one is meant to raise children alone.

Be gentle with yourself, too. Allow yourself some slack. Motherhood is challenging and demanding; mom stress is real, but it is also lovely and rewarding. To feel all of those things is normal. Even though you’re just human, you’re a damn fine human! It’s not easy to deal with the strain of having a family, but you’re handling it admirably.

Your kids deserve an emotionally and physically sound mother, so don’t forget to look after yourself. Just focus on today. Despite how challenging this time may seem, try to remember that it won’t last forever. You will look back on this time and see it as a distant memory. The least we can do is maximize their usefulness. There will be good days and days full of family challenges, but that’s life, and that’s the beauty of being a mother. Keep in mind that the confident adults of the future are being nurtured right now. We should give them the best possible resources to succeed.

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