Parents Accepting Normal Homes Is a Breath of Fresh Air

Against the backdrop of constant pressures to maintain an Instagram-worthy lifestyle, a fresh trend is emerging, with a growing number of ‘Parents Accepting Normal Homes’. Rather than striving for picture-perfect settings, these families are embracing the charm of lived-in spaces, allowing a certain level of mess in their homes to be proudly displayed both online and in their real-life environments.

You could be led to assume that everyone is leading a life that is visually lovely if you spend too much time on social media. When you browse down further on Pinterest and Instagram, you’ll see that the walls are a pristine beige color, and the sizes of the homes increase. And it would appear that the ideal playroom for a mother is one decorated in muted tones, and her home should always present as spotless. The cabinets in the kitchen are all white, and there are large windows that let in plenty of natural light. It is a drain on one’s vitality that perfection imposes.

This is most likely the reason why @hannahhomeeducates posted a question on TikTok asking whether anyone else wants to keep it honest, both online and off. She posed the question, “I’m curious to know if anyone still lives in a residence that might be considered vaguely typical anymore.”

Hannah continues by saying that she will now explain why she no longer uses “the picture app,” which she refers to as “the picture app,” since everything on it, from the houses to the outfits to the people, is so beautiful. “Is there anyone else here with something on the ceiling, like paint? And because I never got around to finishing the painting, this is the wrong hue, “she continues while demonstrating how impressive her example is. She continues the video, which is one minute long, by giving a tour of her house to show all of the things that, in our society that is preoccupied with social media, would be considered flaws. And it has the appearance of a home that is genuinely occupied by people.

It’s easy for me to appreciate Hannah’s perspective because I’m also a mother who spends a significant portion of her day developing material for the internet. I have allowed myself to become embarrassed by the appearance of my home since it is not “good enough” to share online. My kitchen is not up to influencer standards because I live in New York City; as a result, my couch is frequently covered in laundry, I frequently trip over shoes and toys; and because of this, my couch is always covered in laundry. But other than that, I am just a regular mom who lives in an ordinary home. And in the city in the United States with the highest cost of living, many would even claim I’m lucky!

Even the master of home organizing Marie Kondo is finding that, following the birth of her third kid, her priorities at home have shifted. In an interview with the Washington Post, she said that although her home was disorganized, she was spending her time in the right way for her at the time and stage of her life. My house is messy because it’s the best way for me to spend my time at this moment in my life. We have a suspicion that it would seem to be rather usual if we went to her house for a playdate, even if we might not see it on her Instagram account.

The parents are taking Hannah’s film and piecing it together to demonstrate the total normalcy in the “typical home.” A father of three, stitched his mouth together and responded, “Uhhh sure, 100% we have a normal house.”

After that, he takes the audience on a tour of his house, showing them his bedroom, his kids’ room, which has stickers on the door and nails paint on the walls, as well as their untidy bathroom. He also mentions that it irritates him that other people feel awful about themselves when they aren’t living up to the ideal of perfection that is portrayed and demanded by social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook.

There have been other responses with stitching from other authors to answer Hannah’s question as well.

Dad, who does not work outside the home, Joey demonstrates to us how he patched the holes in the wall at the apartment.

Even if there is nothing else that these creative people have in common, they all have stunning homes. It is encouraging to see that the pressures of social media have led some people to come out and discuss what “real life” is like, and it is refreshing to see that this has happened. As parents, we have a lot more important things to worry about than engaging in the comparison game or attempting to live up to the expectations set by social media. According to the commentary of one user, who reminded dad and the rest of us: “This exemplifies the distinction between a dwelling and a home clearly and compellingly. It is a beautiful place to visit since it is full of life and love.”

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