**Mom-Shamers Target Paris Hilton’s Baby Phoenix for Achieving New Milestone**

Celebrating a baby’s latest achievement? That’s impressive! Criticizing the baby for reaching that milestone? That’s absolutely not acceptable. Unfortunately, Paris Hilton’s 13-month-old baby Phoenix is currently facing such criticism. She recently posted an endearing video showcasing her baby’s new skill of crawling, but some mom-shamers wasted no time in passing negative comments.

Let’s start with the positive news: Phoenix is now able to crawl! The Paris In Love celebrity, who is married to Carter Reum, shared a delightful video on TikTok captioned, “Look who just started crawling👶🏼 #SlivingMom ✨.”

In the adorable video, Phoenix makes his way across a pink “That’s Hot” rug, exits the playroom, and encounters a baby gate. Hilton affectionately asks her baby, “Where are you going, sir?” Phoenix responds by pulling himself up on the gate, turning to look at his mom, and blowing spit bubbles, which is undeniably cute and amusing.

Negative Feedback

Regrettably, some comments were far from supportive. One individual remarked, “wow so late!!! most kids are walking at this age. probably cuz he’s always in the walker,” insinuating that Phoenix’s use of a walker delayed his crawling progress. It’s important to note that these individuals are not Phoenix’s healthcare providers and should refrain from commenting on his developmental timeline.

Another judgmental comment read, “He’s just now learning how to crawl wow he’s kinda behind. but he’ll get there best of luck.” Such remarks are unnecessary and unkind, considering that each child develops at their own pace.

Supportive Responses

On a positive note, there were several encouraging comments as well. One person expressed, “People judging and saying it’s late for him to start crawling now. Every baby’s development is different. He’s Perfect Paris! 😍✨”

Another individual, identified as an educator, offered support by stating, “Educator here! Crawling is great for brain development! Using the left and right side of the brain together! Go Phoenix!”

Expert Opinion

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), crawling typically occurs between seven and ten months, although some babies skip this milestone altogether. It’s worth noting that the AAP strongly advises against the use of baby walkers as they can hinder the natural development of walking.

If Hilton has concerns about her baby’s progress, it’s best addressed with her healthcare provider rather than by internet commentators. Every child develops at their own pace, and even if there are slight delays in gross motor skills, it’s essential to celebrate each milestone achieved. Remember, Phoenix is just a baby, and if you find it challenging to withhold negative comments, perhaps it’s time to reflect on your own actions.