Safe and Stress-Free Sleep

Welcoming a new baby can stir a whirlwind of emotions, but fretting over their safety during sleep need not be one of them. Ensuring both you and your newborn enjoy restful nights in those initial weeks is paramount. That’s why it’s essential to put your infant to bed in a manner that guarantees Safe and Stress-Free Sleep. Taryn Newton, a mother of four, graciously shares her insights on safe sleeping practices and room sharing with her youngest child.

Methods to Improve Safe Sleep

1. In a crib by themselves: Babies must sleep in a separate crib without additional bedding, pillows, or toys.

2. Behind their backs: It is recommended that infants sleep on their backs rather than their stomachs or sides.

3. In the same room as you: They need to share your room but not your bed for the next six to twelve months. Don’t bother sharing your bed if you’re going to share a room.

4. Conveniently close: Having an infant close by is beneficial for the ease of breastfeeding, developing a strong emotional link, and the parents’ sense of calm and relaxation.

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