### A 7-Year-Old’s Passive-Aggressive Note to Mom: Interrupting TV Time

When a 7-year-old girl was instructed to switch off the TV and go wash up, she opted to pen a “customer complaint” to her parents instead of resorting to a typical tantrum. This young girl showcased her displeasure at being interrupted from watching a movie by writing a detailed letter to her mother. The letter made it clear that she was disappointed about having to pause the movie Moana midway through. Alongside the letter, she drew a frowning face to convey her unhappiness. The girl’s mother later shared this passive-aggressive letter on Reddit, highlighting her daughter’s unique way of expressing dissent.

“It’s become a regular occurrence for us to receive these passive-aggressive notes whenever our daughter disagrees with a parental decision,” shared the girl’s Mom. This incident was just one of many instances where the girl resorted to written communication to express her feelings. The note expressed the girl’s desire to continue watching Moana before completing her washing task. Despite her reluctance to spoil the movie’s ending for her mother, she ultimately agreed to comply with the request. The letter was accompanied by two smileys – one depicting sadness and the other happiness. The girl marked the sad smiley with the caption “How I’m feeling,” while she crossed out the happy smiley and replaced it with “Not how I am feeling.”

Reddit users found amusement in the girl’s letter, commending her for articulating her emotions through words. Some even joked about her future prowess in writing passive-aggressive emails in the workplace. The impressive vocabulary and emotional depth displayed in the letter garnered praise from many, with one user noting her advanced writing skills for her age. While some admired her adeptness at emotional manipulation, others humorously pointed out the irony that writing the letter likely took longer than both finishing the washing and the movie Moana combined.

Several Reddit users praised the parents for fostering an environment where their daughter felt comfortable expressing herself through writing. Encouragement was given for the child to be allowed to finish watching the movie, with some highlighting her potential as a future wordsmith or housemate. The light-hearted comments and supportive messages from the Reddit community reflected the universal appreciation for the girl’s creativity and communication skills.