Stepmother’s Viral Photo Shows the Beauty of Co-Parenting

It’s easy to see why this adorable picture of a blended family is getting so many likes on social media. It goes to show that successful co-parenting isn’t easy, but it’s possible. Learn more about this stepmother’s viral photo that shows the beauty of co-parenting.

It’s an understatement to say that trying to co-parent in a mixed family can be difficult at times. This isn’t the case for many families in Columbus, Georgia. Emilee Player shared a photo on Saturday that showed her doing just that.

Stepmom to 4-year-old Maelyn, who is pictured with both sets of parents in the shot, Player is presented. We’ve shown that co-parenting can work, and I’ll never believe otherwise! Captioned by the Player. “From personal experience, I know it’s possible! Everything will fall into place if you choose to do what is best for your child.”

They’re all wearing jerseys with their different titles on them to show their support for the youngster at her soccer game, as you can see. It’s adorable!

Player’s good message has been shared more than 83,000 times and commented on by a large number of people who love and support it. There are, of course, others who have reacted negatively.

“We’ve had folks tell us that this isn’t the way things should be and that we’re confusing our daughter,” Player says. “We should be doing what we’re doing, in my opinion. I don’t think there’s ever been a more hateful time in history. As parents, we have an obligation to demonstrate our love for one another in front of our children.”

A three-year co-parenting arrangement between Player and her husband Ricky and Maelyn’s mother Clara and her husband Alex Cazeau has been in place for the last three years. As a result, their parenting style has become the standard.

Playing co-parenting with Clara, my favorite thing has been how welcoming she’s been of me being the other mom. “We’re pretty good pals. We do everything together, in a way.”

Co-parenting has never been so successful in a family as this one. Thanks to the Players and Cazeaus for inspiring so many others!

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