– Jenelle Evans Proudly Completes 5 Rounds of Court-Mandated Parenting Classes – HGTV Shares Season 2 Update for Chelsea Houska’s ‘Down Home Fab’

“Dude, court-mandated knowledge is empowering, alright?”

From fulfilling court-ordered educational requirements to criticizing yet another business online, it has been a hectic week for the celebrities and former personalities of the ‘Teen Mom’ series. To keep you informed about the latest updates in Teen Mom OG, Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant, and Teen Mom 2 news, The Ashley presents the Teen Mom News Pile.

Here is a roundup of the significant (and intriguing) events related to ‘Teen Mom’ that transpired over the past week:

Jenelle Evans Boasts About Attending Court-Ordered Parenting Classes Five Times

In a somewhat ironic twist, ousted ‘Teen Mom 2’ star Jenelle proudly shared on social media that she is undergoing court-ordered parenting classes for the fifth time. Despite facing backlash, Jenelle defended her actions, emphasizing the importance of continuous learning and self-improvement as a parent.

Amidst ongoing CPS investigations involving Jenelle and her husband David Eason, the couple’s children remain in their care, with David still confronting serious charges related to child abuse and assault.

Kayla Sessler Discusses Co-Parenting Dynamics with Ex Luke Davis

Kayla recently addressed her co-parenting relationship with her ex, Luke Davis, shedding light on their amicable dynamic and the positive progress made in co-parenting their children. Despite past conflicts, Kayla highlighted the importance of maintaining a drama-free environment for the well-being of their kids.

While Kayla has reconciled with Luke, she clarified that her relationship with Luke’s family members, particularly his mother Noopie and sister Chasidy, remains distant and non-engaging.

Farrah Abraham’s Colorful Review of a Texas Salon on Yelp

In her signature style, Farrah Abraham left a scathing review on Yelp, accusing a salon in Austin, Texas, of deceptive practices and substandard service. Using legal jargon and unconventional punctuation, Farrah expressed her dissatisfaction with the salon’s pricing discrepancies and lack of transparency.

Known for her outspoken critiques on various businesses, Farrah’s review highlighted her discontent with the salon’s customer service and pricing policies.

Update on Season 2 of Chelsea Houska & Cole DeBoer’s ‘Down Home Fab’

Fans of ‘Down Home Fab’ can anticipate the return of Chelsea Houska and Cole DeBoer for a second season premiering in March. The HGTV series, known for its renovation projects and family-oriented content, garnered significant viewership, leading to the renewal for another season.

As the DeBoer family gears up for Season 2, Chelsea hinted at potential involvement of her daughter Aubree in the show, emphasizing a creative and collaborative approach to their home projects.

For more updates on the ‘Teen Mom’ universe, stay tuned!

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