– Jenelle Evans of Teen Mom Enrolls in Parenting Classes Amid Jace Custody Dispute

Jenelle Evans, known for her appearance on Teen Mom, has recently disclosed her enrollment in parenting classes following the loss of custody of her son, Jace Evans.

In an Instagram Stories post on Monday, January 22, the 32-year-old reality star advocated for normalizing #ParentingClasses. She shared a snapshot of her virtual class, mentioning that this is her fifth time undertaking such classes.

Amid an ongoing custody dispute over her 14-year-old son, Jace, who has made multiple runaway attempts, Jenelle revealed her commitment to these parenting sessions.

The turmoil began when Jace first went missing in mid-August 2023, leaving school but being located shortly after. Subsequently, he disappeared a second time, only to be found near their residence in North Carolina. In a third incident, Jace eluded supervision by sneaking out of a window. Following this, he started residing with his grandmother, Barbara Evans, in October 2023 after accusing his stepfather, David Eason, of assault. David, aged 35, faced charges of misdemeanor child abuse as a result.

Despite defending her husband on social media against the allegations, Jenelle’s son continued to face challenges. Jace’s struggles persisted, leading to his placement in Child Protective Services (CPS) care in a temporary arrangement as of January 16.

While the specifics of Jace’s current living situation remain undisclosed, reports suggest that he is under constant supervision and is reportedly adjusting well to the circumstances.

Plans are in place for a more permanent living arrangement for Jace, contingent upon compliance with the set rules by both him and his caregiver. Jenelle has been visiting her son, along with her daughter, Ensley, and son Kaiser, during this period.

Despite facing criticism for her lifestyle choices, particularly spending New Year’s Eve without Jace, Jenelle has defended her actions and maintained her stance against online negativity.