Telltale Signs of A Bullying Mean Girl

Ostracism at school and exclusion from parties are the worst things that may happen to young girls. In reality, good adolescent and adolescent female growth depend on strong social ties. In this article, you will learn about the telltale signs of a bullying mean girl so that you’ll be better prepared to help your kid.

However, “mean girl behavior,” a form of covert bullying, might exacerbate the difficulty of meeting this need for social engagement. To prevent bullying from spiraling out of control, parents and educators must be able to recognize when their daughters are acting like mean girls and intervene before things get out of hand.

What Makes a Girl Mean?

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Some girls can be cruelly mocked or bullied for wearing incorrect clothing or dating the wrong person. “Mean girl conduct” or “relational aggression” is a term used to describe subtle kinds of bullying in which girls are driven to adhere to a group or face expulsion.

Parents and educators were first unable to detect nasty girl conduct since it doesn’t necessarily involve more familiar and stereotypical kinds of bullying like name-calling or physical bullying. People who didn’t see it as bullying, in fact, were surprised. Specialists in bullying use the term “Mean Girls” to characterize interpersonal aggression since the general public can relate to it more readily.

An Overview of Negative Personality Traits

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According to research by social scientists, boys and girls bully in distinct ways. For example, boys are more likely to resort to physical bullying than girls to relational aggressiveness.

Even though boys and girls might be physically violent, it is important to note that this does not mean they do not employ nasty conduct to exert their authority. Both sexes engage in bullying, but there are certain gender disparities in the way youth bully one another and the impact of the bullying on their peers.

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Mean behavior in females is especially important to be aware of since it impacts girls more than boys. According to the researchers, girls who gossip, try to sabotage relationships, and exclude others demonstrate low empathy for others, as well as adjustment difficulties.

Mean girls (or boys) can be a constant source of stress for children and often go unnoticed by parents and instructors. Backstabbing, social exclusion, spreading rumors, and influencing others are all ways people might participate in nasty behavior.

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People singled out for abuse are often left feeling bewildered and enraged because they do not understand why they are being singled out.

“Mean girls” not only bully one other in person, but they also bully each other online. They slander, harass, insult, and defame other people on the internet, and some even go so far as to call other women sluts. Photos of events and social activities that omit those targeted or excluded are also hurtful to those who were left out. They may have been unaware of this in the past.

Intimate Unfriendliness

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Children engage in relationship aggression for several reasons, including social status advancement and succumbing to peer pressure. Adults, on the other hand, often fail to notice that this behavior is happening since it is so readily overlooked. Furthermore, some individuals may assume that being mean isn’t a big deal and that going through it will make them stronger.

Yet studies have shown that bullying can have long-term consequences, even for the meanest girls.

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The long-term dissatisfaction and sadness that can result from the exercise of control and manipulation by relationally aggressive girls are well-known.

Furthermore, girls who engage in mean-spirited behavior tend to set high standards for themselves and others. Even eating disorders and addictions can result from a rise in perfectionism.

What You Should Be Looking For

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Be on the lookout for evidence of a girl’s self-esteem and her interactions with other girls. Often, girls who are hard on themselves are also hard on those around them. The following are the six most telling symptoms of a young lady acting like a mean girl.

Envy Is A Problem

Envy is often the driving force behind cruel behavior. Girls who participate in nasty behavior are frequently willing to go to extreme measures to achieve their goals. In certain cases, they may try to harm the person they are envious of, or they may try to discredit them.


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Mean girls tend to obsess over their looks. Even their weight may be considered when it comes to how they seem. Additionally, they may point out everything from acne and weight increase to dress and haircuts in others.

Those who don’t fulfill their physical standards may be excluded from the love and companionship of mean girls. Many people engage in these activities out of a fear of being judged by those around them who are less than flawless, or because they are afraid of being judged themselves.


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Even if they don’t show it, cruel females are extremely self-conscious about how others see them. Everything they do is based on how other people see them, from their residence and personal appearance to their mode of transportation and the people they choose to date. When something is undesirable, they will find a means to hide it.

At school, being popular and in command are important goals for mean females. These people want to be at the top of society. They would do anything to get there, even if it meant taking advantage of others.

Constant Problems in a Relationship

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Observing how a girl interacts with other girls is a proven way for educators and parents to recognize a cruel girl. The more she gets into confrontations with other girls or is exposed to drama, the more likely it is that there is more to it than meets the eye.

As a result of their predisposition to participate in unpleasant acts, mean females are often referred to as “frenemies.” Even the people they profess to be friends with could be targets. Some people may wonder what these girls think while they aren’t around, especially if they always do it. When relating to girls who engage in mean-spirited behavior, there is a profound lack of trust.

Being A Part Of A Clique

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Typically, the cliques of mean females consist of a small group of close confidantes with whom they do everything. It’s rare for them to invite others into the group after it’s established. As a result, their friends may look to outsiders as a clique because it is so difficult for others to be welcomed.

Constraints on Authority

Many girls are cruel because they have too much power. It’s not uncommon for them to take the lead in their relationships. Fear of getting expelled or making themselves a target motivates other ladies to follow their lead. Because of their predicament, some females will do whatever it takes to maintain their status in the group, even if it means becoming bullies themselves.

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The opinions of their peers are of the utmost importance to these girls. The leader’s words are of particular interest to them. These girls are just as guilty of bullying as the group’s leader since they refuse to speak up. They succumb to the fear of losing their place in the group and act accordingly.

As a result, middle and high school girls are more likely to engage in mean-spirited behavior, which can carry over into college and adulthood. So educators and parents must notice and confront cruel behavior.

When it comes to bullying, expecting youngsters to figure it out on their own is a recipe for disaster. Keep in mind that there is nearly always an imbalance of power involved in bullying. As a result, persons who are subjected to bullying frequently believe that they have no recourse to stopping it. Even if the bullying is restricted to cruel actions, they still need your help to get through this difficult time.

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