### Nursery Workers’ Top 3 Irritations: What Really Grinds Their Gears

A nursery worker has disclosed the parental behaviors that exasperate her during child drop-offs at daycare.

@Sarrahanelaa, also known as Sarah Angela on TikTok, vented her frustrations in a video outlining her pet peeves. One particular annoyance she highlighted is when children wear socks lacking grips, increasing the risk of slips and falls.

Sarah underscored the challenges posed by parents dressing their kids in dungarees, which hinder efficient diaper changes due to the time required for removal. Moreover, older children may encounter difficulties managing dungarees independently, especially during restroom visits.

Furthermore, Sarah expressed disapproval of parents outfitting their children in white garments or elaborate designer attire for nursery, citing the susceptibility of these outfits to dirt accumulation during playtime and artistic endeavors.

The video struck a chord with a broad audience, amassing over 1.6 million views and eliciting numerous comments from viewers who shared similar frustrations and experiences. Some echoed Sarah’s viewpoint, criticizing the impracticality of certain clothing selections for young children, such as jeans and Converse shoes.