The Best Children’s Book Susbscription

A subscription service for children’s books regularly delivers new books to children and their families, sometimes focusing on a specific topic. Whether it’s a few books in every box or a few extra things to go along with the book of the month, these subscription boxes are all about encouraging a lifelong and active interest in literature. In this article, you’ll find out the best children’s book subscription based on pricing, variety, delivery, and more.

The development of age-appropriate literacy skills is critical at any age. Reading to children as young as a baby is a great way to get them interested in reading. Children who have their parents read aloud to them and chat to them at a young age are more likely to be literate by the time they reach their second birthday. The gap can be quantified: According to a study conducted in 2019, children who are read to and with at least one picture book each day before kindergarten are exposed to around 1.4 million more words than those who are not.

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Reading is essential to a child’s growth, as they become more self-confident and create their preferences. Researchers studying people from 31 countries found that those who grew up with larger home libraries and more time spent reading had long-term benefits.

There are various ways to find the finest book subscriptions for kids. Still, the best ones will either have a specific concentration, or they may provide several subscriptions for different age groups, interests, or other factors. Many of these subscriptions include more than just a book of the month; they may consist of various books and complementary goods that help readers have a more complete and enjoyable reading experience.

Literati Kids

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Literati Kids is our top pick because of the wide range of choices, exciting extras, and the opportunity to test before buying.

Subscribers will receive five themed books and extras like bookplates and magnets every month (although they can skip months at any time). Newborns to three-year-olds can join the Neo club; Sprouts can join the Nova club; Novas can join the Sage club; Sage can join the Phoenix club, and Titans can join the Titans club (ages 13 and up).

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Every month, five books are selected for each club based on the reading ability of the members. Extras like award-winning artwork, bookmarks, magnets, and more are included in the boxes.

All books can be kept or returned within a week of joining, and you are only charged for the membership and any books that you keep, not the membership itself. One of the wonderful advantages of this program is that there are so many clubs to choose from, making it easy to stay up as your children grow.


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With its Board Book Club, Bookroo is an excellent choice for your child’s first book delivery service. Our editors have meticulously chosen book selections for babies and toddlers in each package. The books are built of sturdy “board” pages for children who are still learning how to handle book pages.

There is a discount for multiple-month subscriptions, starting at $20 per month. For a three-month, six-month, and a year-long membership, each box costs roughly $19, $18, and $17, respectively. There is no mention of the cost of delivery.

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However, each of these boxes comes with a special insert, which offers supplementary material, insights from the authors and illustrators, and much more, although no freebies are included. For every book you donate to a local library, Bookroo will give you $5 off your next order, as long as you send in confirmation of the donation.


Additionally, LillyPost’s emphasis on literacy includes giving back in addition to curating a collection of books that are ideal for younger readers.

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Among the boxes available from the company are three aimed at different age groups: a Board Book Box for babies and toddlers, a Picture Book Box for children aged 4 to 7, and a Mixed Age Box for whole families. Four pricing tiers are available for each subscription box: $20 for one month, $19 for three months, $18 for six months, or $17 for a year. The cost of shipping a box is about $5.

Because parents choose the books for parents and children, they have been thoroughly evaluated by those with first-hand knowledge of the subject matter. Regardless of which month it is, the contents of each box can feature a different mix of three age-appropriate titles picked randomly. While these subscription boxes don’t include extras, LillyPost contributes a book to a literacy charity for every box it ships.

OwlCrate Jr.

Every month, OwlCrate sends out themed boxes filled with eagerly anticipated new books from some of today’s hottest authors in young adult literature. OwlCrate Jr., a monthly subscription service for children, follows the same strategy, focusing on newer books and other treats. It’s perfect for middle-grade readers who are developing their imagination and acquiring various reading experiences.

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In general, the cost of a monthly subscription box is $30 plus shipping. However, multi-month discounts are available. It costs $87 for a three-month subscription and $168 for a six-month. With a bit of help, lower-level readers can still enjoy the books.

A bonus book or game is included in every package, as are a limited edition collectible monthly magazine and tiny treats in every special edition book. As children get older and more capable of reading on their own, the reading experience becomes more involved.

Crate Expectations

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Crate Expectations is geared toward children ages 8 to 12 who are amidst a reading transition. It emphasizes both readings aloud and reading on one’s own. Each month’s box includes a “Adventure Guide” that includes author interviews, discussion questions, a STEM-related craft with materials, a snack, a themed recipe, and additional relevant toys or activities.

The monthly subscription is still $33 if you prepay for three or six months in advance, but you save a little money (about $96 total). The cost of delivery comes to roughly $9.

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Interactivity and exploration are at the forefront of the design of the boxes, which include STEM activities for everyone. If your child enjoys one title, it’s easy for them to choose comparable ones to read next; this gives them more control over their reading as they age.

My Zoo Box

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Young animal lovers can learn about their favorite creatures through My Zoo Box’s combination of the book subscription model and a wider subscription-box design.

It includes a themed book, a plush animal, a postcard “from” the animal, a poster of animal anatomy, a recipe, a complete art or scientific activity kit, and more. Only the book, toy animal, sticker, and postcard are included in the Mini Zoo box.

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With a focus on children aged 4 to 8, the box has a narrow age range, but that narrowness also makes it an excellent option for families with young children. In addition to brushing up on their reading abilities and learning something new about their favorite animal, the coordinated activities allow children to engage in various activities.

It costs roughly $20 a month for the Mini Zoo option. A monthly subscription to the full-size package costs around $35 per month. In the United States, shipping is always free.

Our Shelves

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The carefully chosen and purposefully different selections from OurShelves offer the opportunity to develop knowledge in every way for young readers gaining key reading comprehension abilities. Here, the focus is on the books themselves, reading skills, and the stories conveyed instead of other aspects of education.

A one-book box costs around $20, a three-book box costs around $45, and a five-book subscription costs around $70. For a year’s worth of books, you’ll pay about $2 extra for each book if you choose to pay quarterly. The cost of delivery is already included.

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Subscribers can select from three different age groups: 0 to 2 years old for the Sunshine Box, 2 to 5 years old for the Rainbow Box, and 5 to 8 years old for the Treehouse Box. Every book in the collection is chosen for its ability to pique the interest of young readers, include marginalized voices, and help them develop their reading comprehension skills. The subscription is a terrific way to get youngsters off on the right foot regarding reading comprehension.

Owl Post Books

Our top recommendation for children’s imaginations is Owl Post Books, whose subscriptions are titled “Owl Post” in its name. A Reader’s Imagination Box (about $33 per month), Reader’s Imagination Mini (approximately $15 per month), and the Young Adult Fantasy Imagination Box (around $30 per month) are the three options it provides. The Reader’s Imagination plans are broken down into the following age groups: 0 to 3, 4 to 7, 8 to 11, and 11 to 13. Subscribing to the tiny box or the YA Fantasy subscription is also an option for YA readers.

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Three age-appropriate novels are included each month in the Reader’s Imagination Box, as well as a fun interactive box and crafts to go along with the books. Boxes are sent between the first and fourth of each month for no additional charge and are almost always delivered on time.

Boxes from Owl Post Books encourage children to connect with stories and contribute their personal touches through the use of carefully selected, often fantasy books and cute (if not particularly fancy) crafts. It’s a great approach to introducing kids to the wonders of storytelling.

The Bottom Line

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There are several excellent subscription boxes for children’s literature. A number of subscription services cater specifically to young readers, such as Bookroo and LillyPost, as well as OwlCrate Jr. and Owl Post Books. Literati Kids is the greatest children’s book subscription service overall.

Literati Kids has books for children of all ages, from newborns to adolescent readers. There are enough books in each box to keep the attention of even the most jaded reader, and subscribers only pay for the ones they wish to keep.


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We looked at 12 firms to identify the best options in terms of diversity, pricing, and box curation criteria when compiling our list of book subscriptions for kids. This was done as part of our endeavor to provide families with a wide range of options for their children’s hobbies and reading preferences.

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