**Savannah Guthrie Shares Ingenious Solution to Common Parenting Dilemma**

Savannah Guthrie discussed a common parenting dilemma on Tuesday’s episode of Today. The host, who shares two children with her husband Michael Feldman, shared that her seven-year-old son, Charley, has a peculiar habit of refusing to wear pants in cold weather and insists on wearing shorts instead.

During a segment on the show, Savannah, alongside co-host Hoda Kotb, engaged in a discussion with fellow hosts Carson Daly, Craig Melvin, and family psychologist Dr. Jennifer Hartstein. The topic revolved around the debate on whether parents should compel their children to dress warmly for winter, especially when they resist wearing a coat or prefer shorts over longer pants.

Reflecting on her personal experience, Savannah revealed her clever approach to tackle the issue by stating, “We are living this at home. My seven-year-old would only wear shorts, and I finally just hid the shorts.” By removing the option of shorts, she effectively resolved the wardrobe conflict.

Dr. Jennifer Hartstein offered her perspective on the matter, emphasizing the importance of choosing battles wisely. She suggested strategies such as seasonal clothing rotation and finding a middle ground with children to avoid daily confrontations over attire choices.

When addressing concerns about children’s safety without proper winter attire, Dr. Hartstein reassured that a brief exposure to cold weather is generally not harmful, considering the limited time children spend outdoors compared to previous generations.

Apart from Charley, Savannah also parents a nine-year-old daughter named Vale with her husband Michael, who holds a professional role in public relations and communications. The family resides in a townhouse in New York City and owns a vacation property in New York State.

Savannah, married to Michael since 2014, has been vocal about her parenting philosophy, emphasizing the significance of establishing boundaries and enforcing rules. She highlighted the necessity of setting limits, even if it means being perceived as strict by children, to instill discipline and responsibility.

Having welcomed Vale in 2014 at the age of 42 and Charley in 2016 after facing fertility challenges, Savannah cherishes the journey of motherhood. She described Charley as a “medical miracle,” underscoring the blessings of expanding their family through perseverance and multiple attempts at IVF.

In a candid revelation about her fertility struggles, Savannah expressed gratitude for the journey that led to Charley’s arrival, portraying him as a precious gift and symbol of their unwavering hope and resilience in building their family.