Top 5 Advice from a Babysitter

Even in difficult times, you will require the best babysitter within your budget. To ensure you have a sitter you can rely on for a simple night out, an adults-only dinner party, or an unexpected late night at work, consider our top advice from a babysitter.

But how can you foster, build, and maintain that relationship? Whitney Newman, a local southeast Michigan nanny and college student, shares five tips for improving the connection.

1. Have faith in the babysitter.

Newman recalls one instance when she was a morning sitter, and the parent refused to leave. The boy’s mother made it even more difficult by staying around longer when he cried or returning from work to take him (and myself) on errands. He soon discovered that the more he cried and made a scene, the more likely it was that mom would stay home or return to see him. It was challenging for me to connect with him because he wanted me to leave whenever I was there so his mother could return.

2. Communicate

I guess I’d just say how important it is to always keep lines of communication open between the nanny and the parents. I keep in touch with the boys’ mom throughout the summer, and she is very respectful of my role as nanny, which I greatly appreciate.

3. Make clear ground rules.

Not only should you leave the required list of safety tips, but you should also discuss and clearly write down the house rules – from where they can eat or snack to how you use time-outs.

4. Don’t put too much pressure on the sitter.

Prioritizing your child’s care over other tasks, such as cleaning the house or running errands, is critical.

5. Thank your babysitter.

Newman entertains her family’s children with imaginative games such as a treasure hunt. Show your gratitude not only with tips but also with notes, perhaps a baked good, or at the very least with words. The sitter will most likely return – and again.

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