**Challenges of Co-Parenting: Lala Kent’s Struggle with Ex Randall Emmett**

Lala Kent has confirmed that she is currently engaged in a custody battle with her ex-partner Randall Emmett concerning their 2-year-old daughter, Ocean. The 33-year-old Bravo personality expressed her struggles with co-parenting with Randall, aged 52, during an appearance on Watch What Happens Live following the premiere of Vanderpump Rules season 11 on January 30. Lala described the situation with Randall as a “nightmare,” emphasizing the lack of resolution in their ongoing custody dispute.

Despite the prolonged legal proceedings, Lala disclosed that no agreements have been reached thus far in the custody conflict. She mentioned Randall’s attempts to challenge her, shedding light on the complexities of their post-relationship dynamics. The pair ended their engagement in October 2021, shortly after welcoming their daughter in March of the same year.

In the season 11 premiere of VPR, Lala elaborated further on her custody battle with Randall, emphasizing her primary focus on Ocean’s well-being. She expressed her indifference towards featuring Ocean on Vanderpump Rules, highlighting her priorities concerning education and health decisions for their child.

Following the dissolution of Lala and Randall’s engagement in 2021, Randall faced serious allegations of abuse and fraud. An exposé by the LA Times in June 2022 detailed accusations against Randall, including leveraging job opportunities for actresses in exchange for sexual favors. Despite the allegations, Randall has vehemently denied any claims of sexual misconduct.

In a candid interview on The View in June 2023, Lala admitted feeling blindsided by the accusations against her former partner. She emphasized her stance on co-parenting separately from Randall’s actions, asserting her independence from his alleged wrongdoings. Lala expressed regret over her past involvement with Randall, stating that she would have made different choices had she been aware of his true character.

Looking towards the future, Lala shared her plans to expand her family through IUI to provide Ocean with a younger sibling. She emphasized her commitment to parenthood, irrespective of her relationship status, underlining her belief that love and partnership are not prerequisites for starting a family.