7 Ways to Get Ready for the New School Year

As summer draws close, many homes are filled with anticipation and anxiety for the first day of school, so discovering ways to get ready for the new school year is essential. Changes associated with the start of a new school year can elicit strong emotions in children of all ages (and their parents, too).

That’s completely typical, by the way! It is important to recognize the range of feelings that accompany the first day of school, whether you’re dropping off a kindergartener or waving goodbye to your teen as they drive away. Make things easier on them and reduce their anxiety by giving them an idea of what to expect.

Preparing for the First Day of School

Both you and your child can benefit from being well-prepared for the first day of school. Here are seven tips to help you get ready:

1. Verify That Vaccinations Are Current

      Ensure your child has the necessary immunizations and check in with the school and doctor before the first day. What constitutes compliance with Texas’s immunization requirements for school and childcare settings is set by state law and policy. Protect your child’s health and limit the spread of disease by making sure they are up-to-date on their immunizations.

      2. Gather the Kids and Go Back-to-School Shopping

        Young people may experience feelings of helplessness and panic when faced with too many demands on their time. You can help your child be more confident and ready for the first day of school by giving him some control over his preparations. Typically, your child’s school will provide a list of required school supplies. Give your kid the freedom to show off their unique style by picking out school supplies in their favorite hues or decorated with their favorite cartoon characters. But before you buy, check with the school to see if there are any restrictions on what the kids can bring.

        3. Permit Your Kid to Make Their Own School Supply Choices

        The first day of school calls for a special outfit, and who doesn’t like that? Your kid may feel more confident in their favorite character’s t-shirt, their most trusty pair of shorts, or their lucky pair of shoes. Some households like to buy brand-new school uniforms or clothing just before the first day of classes. Your child will feel more prepared for the first day of school if you have already prepared his backpack and lunch box for the year. This is crucial if your child is starting school for the first time or is in kindergarten.

        4. See the New Campus

        Take a school tour in advance so your child is familiar with the grounds and can get around easily on their first day. A lot of elementary schools hold Meet the Teacher nights for all students a few days before the start of school, and in the spring, they hold a Kindergarten Roundup for incoming kindergarteners. Make sure your kid is comfortable with the distance and the route to his classroom and other campus destinations like the cafeteria, library, restrooms, gym, and music room. Before the first day of school, go to the playground and play on the swings and monkey bars.

        5. Write a Love Note

        Place a note in your kid’s lunchbox or backpack on the first day of school. There’s no need to write an essay; just a few well-chosen words to wish him well on this day and express your affection would do. Draw a picture, or even a heart, if your child can’t read.

        6. Examine Some Reading Material Regarding the Academic Year

        For your child’s sake, reading about similar situations experienced by other children may be helpful. Another benefit is the realization that first-day jitters affect everyone. Get some reading material from the library about entering kindergarten and the first day of school. Inquire at the library about titles they think your kid would enjoy.

        7. Do a Practice Run

        Try having a practice run or dress rehearsal if your child is extremely nervous about the first day of school. An alarm should be set for the time you normally wake up on school mornings. Get ready for school by eating breakfast, getting dressed, and taking a practice drive. Get familiar with the route to the bus stop and the bus number if your kid will be taking the bus for the first time. To ensure your child’s safety, you should have an older sibling, neighbor, or friend accompany them on their daily strolls. To ease their anxiety, many children prefer to travel in groups. All of these can serve to ease the transition for new students and help them feel more at ease, especially kindergarteners.

        How to Succeed in School

        Taking things one day at a time and one week at a time is essential on the long road from kindergarten to high school. Focus on your routines and return to them whenever life becomes too stressful. If you show your child that school is fun and rewarding, they will be more motivated to do well in school and life.

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