4 Exciting Ways to Play Floor Is Lava at Home with Your Kids

Discover new ways to play Floor Is Lava at home, a popular indoor game that offers a terrific opportunity for children of all ages (and adults!) to exercise their imaginations, release excess energy, and have fun. Get ready to transform your living space into a thrilling adventure for the whole family.

The 2020 Netflix series Floor Is Lava is a popular game show in which teams must navigate a difficult obstacle course without falling into the “lava” covering the floor. Due to the simple concept, it prompted families to create their own version of the game based on the show, but spoiler alert: children have been playing Floor Is Lava for decades, and their parents are experts at the most entertaining strategies.

Want entry? This easy game may be played virtually anywhere by anyone. It’s an excellent way to add some laughter to your day. Here are a few fun activities that kids of all ages can enjoy, from toddlers to tweens and teens. Add these summer activities to your arsenal to prepare you the next time you hear the B-word. (That word, by the way, is “bored.”)

The Lava-Floor Rules

The following are the game’s basic rules:

  • Someone casually enters a room and declares, “The floor is lava!”
  • Everyone has five seconds to lift both feet off the ground.
  • If, at the end of 5 seconds, a player is still touching the ground, they lose.
  • If everyone successfully takes off, life returns to normal… until the next round.

How to Play with Toddlers

The Floor Is Lava presentation involves adults attempting risky feats, such as leaping four to five feet between objects. Obviously, you’ll need to modify the activity for your toddler, but they can still participate in the fun. Arrange a number of cushions or blankets on the floor and allow your young players to jump between them. It’s certain to be a day filled with laughter and enjoyment!

How to Play with Preschools

Assist your young student with number or letter recognition with this amusing variation: Instead of utilizing cushions or obstacles to avoid the “lava,” create letters or numerals on huge sheets of paper or felt with a marker.

Distribute them randomly on the floor, leaving 1 to 2 feet between each one. Then, call out a letter or number and ask your child to locate it and leap to it. It’s a fantastic method to reinforce these essential early principles while having a ton of fun.

How to Play with Primary School Children

Elementary-aged children can create games out of virtually anything. When it’s time to focus on sight words or fundamental math abilities, combine education with entertainment by playing…you guessed it…Floor Is Lava! To create a fun and challenging learning environment for your child, write his or her sight or spelling words on sheets of paper and spread them out.

Mathematical drills getting them down? You may teach your children elementary skills such as addition and subtraction, as well as more complex operations like multiplication and division, using the same method. Shout out a problem, then have your children leap to the location that contains the solution.

How to Engage with Older Children

If you want to retain older children’s attention for more than a few minutes, you’ll need to locate activities that are exceptionally cool. This age group may like an environment similar to a game show: Consider items that are spaced far away, a rope for swinging, and perhaps even ladders that kids can jump to and climb.

If your children are extremely interested, you may assist them in building a course in your basement or backyard. Instead, encourage kids to play Floor Is Lava at a neighborhood playground.

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