### The ‘We’re Americans’ TikTok Trend: Dark Humor Peak for U.S. Parents

When it comes to essential resources and assistance for parents and their children, the United States lags significantly behind most other developed nations. Remarkably, the U.S. stands alone among affluent countries worldwide in lacking any guaranteed paid leave at the federal level, encompassing parental leave or any national family caregiving or medical leave policy. The dearth of available resources for parents becomes more pronounced as healthcare and education expenses escalate, juxtaposed with the substantial allocation of funds by lawmakers towards military armaments and other warfare equipment.

One TikTok video is shedding light on these disheartening statistics, evoking both amusement and sorrow. Seasoned travelers and parents Scott and Collette (@roamaroo) are putting their own twist on the “We’re Americans” trend, offering insight into the challenges of raising children in the so-called land of the free.

Collette initiates with a poignant statement, “We’re Americans. Unable to take a day off when our child is unwell, we resort to sending them to daycare, inadvertently spreading illnesses to other children.” Scott follows up with, “We’re Americans. Our childcare expenses surpass our rent payments,” a stark reality that resonates with many.

The TikTok caption from @roamaroo_travel advocates for change and empowerment, emphasizing the collective ability to steer progress in the right direction. The post underscores the widespread support for parental leave among American voters, despite its absence. The couple urges for a better foundation for every individual and family, stressing the importance of learning from successful models in other countries to enhance the well-being of families in the U.S.

In a poignant moment captured on camera, Collette, accompanied by her toddler, expresses, “We’re Americans. We expect women to work as if they are not mothers and to mother as if they do not work.”

Scott chimes in, highlighting the contradictory policies that impose restrictions on pregnancy while lacking accessible basic healthcare and childcare options. The couple addresses the alarming maternal mortality rate in the U.S., particularly affecting Black American women disproportionately.

Wrapping up the video, Scott underscores the misguided belief that paid family leave would harm the economy, contrary to research indicating its potential to boost the GDP by 5%.

The couple’s post includes resources for individuals dismayed by these inequalities, recognizing the amplified challenges faced by marginalized communities and lower-income families. The ensuing dialogue in the comments section reflects the shared struggles and frustrations of many parents, underscoring the urgent need for systemic change and support.

As the narrative unfolds, the harsh realities of exorbitant childcare costs and inadequate postpartum care in the U.S. are laid bare, prompting introspection and calls to action. The couple advocates for engaging with organizations like Paid Leave for All, Moms First, and Mothering Justice to drive meaningful change and address the long-overdue reforms essential for supporting parents nationwide.