### Growing Up with a Tiger Mom: A Teen’s Perspective

Tiger Mom and Her Cub: Exploring Generational Perspectives

Bethany Liu, also known as Tiger Cub, introduces a captivating new monthly column in AsAmNews that delves into the intricate dynamics between a driven mother and her ambitious daughter. Bethany, a high school sophomore from California, shares her unique perspective growing up under the guidance of a Tiger Mom deeply rooted in traditional values and relentless pursuit of success.

Bethany’s mother, a trailblazer who excelled academically at renowned institutions like Duke and Stanford, embodies the epitome of achievement. Her impressive resume as a CEO, board member, author, and philanthropist reflects the aspirations her immigrant parents instilled in her. Bethany, however, feels the weight of expectations looming over her as she strives to emulate her mother’s illustrious path.

The pressure to excel in academics, participate in extracurricular activities, and mirror her brother’s academic achievements weighs heavily on Bethany. While her mother champions a structured approach to success, Bethany questions the universality of this trajectory. She advocates for individualized paths to fulfillment, emphasizing the significance of personal passion and happiness over rigid conformity.

In a poignant exchange, Bethany and her mother confront their differing viewpoints on the value of perseverance and passion. While Bethany challenges the notion of forced pursuits, her mother underscores the invaluable lessons embedded in perseverance and dedication, even in endeavors one may not initially embrace.

As the mother-daughter duo navigates their contrasting beliefs, the column not only aims to resonate with individuals grappling with similar intergenerational conflicts but also serves as a platform for Bethany and her mother to bridge their differences and strengthen their bond. Through candid reflections and candid conversations, Bethany and her mother embark on a journey of understanding and growth, shedding light on the complexities of familial expectations and individual aspirations.