What Parents Should Understand About the Gas App

The new anonymous messaging app Gas is gaining a lot of traction among young people. It seems that the lure is the sense of protection that comes with being able to use the app without the risk of being identified by one’s peers. But what parents should understand about the Gas app is whether it is safe for children to use and if everything that takes place on the site maintains its anonymity. This is the crucial information parents need to be aware of.

What Exactly Is Gas?

Gas is a completely anonymous software created by Nikita Bier and designed specifically for use by high school students. Users are able to choose their high school through the app by using their location data. After then, the app will present you with a series of anonymous questions to which you can respond. On the other hand, the app was developed with a positive outlook in mind from the beginning. Bier calls the application “an app to complement your pals.” It features multiple-choice questions such as “who is the person you’re down to date?” and “who is the coolest kid in school?” Gas is the one that comes up with the questions, ensuring that the overall tone of the site is encouraging and upbeat. The anonymity of it all contributed to the app’s over 500,000 downloads and its position as the most popular free download in Apple’s app store. Gas was released in August 2022 and is now only available in 12 states.

What Is the Minimum Age Requirement For Gas Customers?

High school pupils were in mind when the Gas app was developed. Users are given the option to choose from several high schools located in their geographic region, thanks to location data. After that, individuals are required to make an anonymous profile within the app before they can begin responding to questions, including multiple choice options. The Terms of Service for the app state that anybody under the age of 13 is not permitted to use or access the app in any capacity.

Does Gas Provide Parental Controls?

As a result of the app’s limited capabilities, no parental controls are available within the Gas platform. According to the parent safety app Bark, the fact that there is no conversation or direct messaging in any capacity within the app makes the likelihood of predation on Gas significantly lower in comparison to other popular social networking platforms such as Snapchat. Suzanne Sellers, a correspondent for NBC News, spoke with Bier, who confirmed that the app does not have any monitoring or advertising features. If you do not feel comfortable with your child using the app, you always have the option of installing a parental control system that a third party provides. This will prevent your child from downloading Gas and any other apps.

What is it About the Gas App That Makes It So Popular?

The app’s primary function is to encourage users to “gas your pals up.” Gas, with all of its questions generated by the app itself, can easily be perceived as a fun and positive way to connect with peers and to improve confidence as you receive compliments. This is because Gas allows users to answer questions about themselves. The developer stated to Sellers, “We’ve really wanted to establish a secure environment for teens to discuss what they love about each other, and I think we’ve really accomplished that with Gas.”

What Are Some of The Drawbacks That Come With Using The Gas App?

Students have provided positive feedback regarding the anonymous app; however, using social media, in general, comes with a number of negatives. While the Pew Research Center found that kids had a stronger sense of connection to their peers as a result of social media, it also found that 45% of teens feel overwhelmed by the drama that can be found on social media. Even though Gas has good intentions, it is easy to understand how the constant pressure of being evaluated by one’s contemporaries may lead to chaos.

Although Gas is a safer alternative to apps like Instagram and websites like Twitch, it is still essential to have conversations with your children about the appropriate ways to use social media. When having conversations with your children regarding their use of the internet, some topics that are helpful to cover include self-esteem, receiving validation online, and anxiety.

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