### Essential Baby Items: Choosing the Perfect Pram

BECOMING a parent for the first time can be an overwhelming experience, especially with the extensive list of items you may feel compelled to purchase.

Before you exhaust your credit card limit, we reached out to our team of Sun mothers and two parenting specialists to simplify the essential purchases for you to prioritize…

The list of stuff to buy as a new parent feels endless

The checklist of items for new parents can seem never-endingCredit: Getty


Heidi Skudder, the creator of Positively Parenthood, emphasizes the significance of preparing for feeding and sleep when welcoming a new baby. She states, “Welcoming a baby is a joyous occasion, and having all the necessary newborn essentials in place can heighten your anticipation for the upcoming journey.

“Feeding and sleep are pivotal aspects worth investing in. Smoothly managing these can significantly enhance the tranquility and ease of adapting to parenthood. This applies to both bottle and formula feeding.”

For breastfeeding mothers, it is essential to acquire comfortable nursing bras. The NHS suggests getting fitted for these bras around 36 to 38 weeks of pregnancy. Additionally, nursing pads are a must-have item to absorb excess milk, with a recommendation to change them every three to four hours to prevent bacterial growth due to the nutrients in breast milk and body heat.


Opt for a multi-pack of nursing pads for convenience.

Mothers we interviewed also highly recommended nipple cream, which can also serve as an effective remedy for chapped lips.

To share feeding responsibilities, our Sun moms suggested investing in a hands-free breast pump. This allows your partner to participate in feeding while ensuring your baby receives the benefits of breast milk.

Heidi praises the Pippeta wearable hands-free breast pump for its practicality in her breastfeeding journey. She mentions, “With three children to care for, this pump enabled me to extract milk and feed the baby with a bottle, ensuring she received the required breast milk.”

The Medela solo hands-free in-bra pump was another favored choice among our Sun mothers.

Heidi further advises, “While fancy gadgets are not a necessity for breastfeeding, remember that engaging a lactation consultant to assist with proper latching and breastfeeding techniques can be an invaluable investment.”

For parents opting for formula feeding, a formula maker can be a lifesaver during late-night feeds. The Baby Brezza Formula Maker is a versatile option, instantly preparing warm formula bottles with user-friendly digital controls compatible with various formula and bottle brands.

Another useful addition to your feeding routine is a sterilizer that not only cleans but also dries bottles efficiently. Our Sun moms commend the Vital Baby UV Sterilizer, which eliminates 99.9% of bacteria within 30 minutes using UV technology, suitable for sterilizing an array of items beyond bottles.

Our Sun mums recommend the Vital Baby UV Steriliser (pictured)

The Vital Baby UV Sterilizer comes highly recommended by our Sun moms (pictured)

A high chair with a newborn kit, such as the Tripp Trapp from Stokke, grows with your child

Consider a high chair like the Tripp Trapp from Stokke, equipped with a newborn kit that adapts as your child grows

While conventional methods involve UV, water, heat, or chemicals for sterilization, the UV sterilizer offers a chemical-free and efficient alternative, accommodating various items such as bottles, soothers, toys, and even personal devices.

Though a high chair may not be an immediate necessity until your child transitions to solid foods, certain models come with specialized newborn adapters to facilitate family meal times.

Renowned baby and parenting expert Rachel Fitz, author of Your Baby Skin to Skin, recommends a versatile high chair like the Tripp Trapp from Stokke. This adaptable chair, inclusive of a newborn kit, evolves with your child from infancy to toddlerhood and even serves as seating for adults, ensuring long-term utility.

For leisure and relaxation moments, our Sun moms suggest the Baby Bjorn Bouncer Bliss, a lightweight and portable bouncer offering various color options and a gentle rocking motion to soothe your baby.

Another valuable investment is a Totter + Tumble playmat, featuring stylish reversible designs made from thick memory foam for easy maintenance and a comfortable play area that seamlessly blends into your home decor.

If friends and family inquire about suitable gifts before your baby’s arrival, our moms recommend a Kit & Kin nappy subscription or a Kendamil baby milk formula subscription as thoughtful and practical options.

For chilling in front of the telly, our Sun mums recommend the Baby Bjorn Bouncer Bliss

Our Sun moms favor the Baby Bjorn Bouncer Bliss for relaxation time


During the initial six months, experts recommend having your baby sleep in the same room as you for safety and convenience.

According to Lullaby Trust guidelines, the safest sleeping arrangement involves placing your baby in their own designated space, such as a cot or Moses basket.

Heidi suggests considering next-to-bed cots for close proximity to your baby, enabling easy access for feeding and ensuring a snug sleeping environment.

The SnüzPod bedside crib stands out as a popular choice, favored by celebrities like Lucy Mecklenburgh and Vogue Williams for its functionality and stylish design.

The SnuzPod is popular with celeb mums

Celeb moms endorse the SnuzPod for its practicality

The Little Green Sheep Moses basket offers a portable sleeping space

Opt for the Little Green Sheep Moses basket for a portable sleep solution

This Scandi-inspired crib offers a variety of color options to complement your bedroom decor and features a convenient tilt recline feature beneficial for babies with acid reflux.

For a more portable sleeping option, our moms recommend the Little Green Sheep Moses basket, crafted from chemical-free palm leaf material. Accompanied by a Moses basket stand, this lightweight and eco-friendly choice ensures a cozy sleeping space for your baby.

Ensure you have a sufficient supply of sheets (approximately four) and a waterproof mattress cover to handle unexpected incidents and maintain a hygienic sleeping environment.

To create a conducive ambiance for sleep, Heidi recommends using a dim feeding light during night feeds. Opt for a light emitting an orange or red glow, as opposed to white or blue light, to promote better sleep for both you and your baby.

Our Sun moms express admiration for ewan the dream sheep, designed to emit a gentle pink glow and soothing pink and white noise to lull your baby into peaceful slumber.

Recognizing that constant supervision is impractical, many parents invest in a reliable baby monitor for added reassurance. The Owlet Cam 2 and Smart Sock combination, a wearable device that monitors your baby’s vital signs and sleep patterns, garners high praise from new mothers for its advanced features.

Monitoring your baby’s cues and behaviors through video clips before crying aids in understanding their needs and ensuring timely intervention.

For added peace of mind, new mums rave over the Owlet Cam 2 and Smart Sock

The Owlet Cam 2 and Smart Sock provide peace of mind for parents


Newborns typically require around three baths per week to maintain cleanliness without drying out their delicate skin.

Heidi recommends a baby bath as a practical solution to conserve water and avoid the hassle of using a full-sized bathtub.

She suggests traditional methods like utilizing the kitchen sink if spacious enough and free of food residues. Alternatively, affordable bathtubs such as the Shnuggle bath offer a convenient and lightweight alternative, ideal for relocating bath time to different areas of your home.

For compact storage or maintaining a child-free bathroom ambiance outside of bathing times, Rachel endorses the Stokke Flexi Bath, a foldable baby bath suitable for newborns and infants. Its space-saving design allows for easy storage or portability, making it an excellent choice for travel.

The Stokke Flexi Bath folds away, reducing clutter in your bathroom

The Stokke Flexi Bath is a space-saving solution for bath time


Dealing with diaper disasters is a common concern for parents, prompting a debate between disposable and reusable options.

Heidi advocates for reusable nappies as an eco-friendly alternative to disposable ones, emphasizing their comparable performance and environmental benefits. However, she acknowledges the commitment to regular washing required for their maintenance.

When selecting wet wipes, prioritize brands that are gentle, unscented, and alcohol-free to prevent skin irritation. Opt for biodegradable and plastic-free wipes to minimize environmental impact and ensure skin-friendly cleansing.

To safeguard your baby’s skin and prevent diaper rash, include a barrier cream in your diaper changing routine.

For on-the-go convenience, consider the Thule Changing Backpack recommended by our Sun moms. This practical and stylish backpack features intuitive compartments, a padded changing mat, and a designated pouch for soiled garments.

The Thule changing backpack is practical and stylish

The Thule Changing Backpack combines functionality with style

Out and About

Choosing the right pram is a significant decision for many expectant parents, necessitating careful consideration based on individual needs and lifestyle.

Heidi advises evaluating your primary usage scenarios, whether urban pavement walking or countryside terrain exploration, to select a pram that aligns with your daily activities.

The Joolz Geo3 emerges as a favored choice among our Sun moms, excelling in various terrains and offering ample space for your baby and essentials. Its durable construction and adaptability for multiple children make it a versatile and sustainable investment.

The Jools Geo3 is a popular choice among our Sun mums

The Joolz Geo3 is a preferred option for versatile use

The Buggy Testing Track at The Baby Show

Experience diverse terrain challenges at the Buggy Testing Track

For urban dwellers or those with limited storage space, a lightweight and compact stroller like the Junior Jones Aylo Stroller proves to be a practical solution. Featuring puncture-resistant tires, this stroller is ideal for urban environments and can be used from birth with the addition of a carrycot.

If travel convenience is a priority, consider the Joolz Aer+ buggy, renowned for its lightweight design and effortless folding mechanism. This compact buggy offers portability and ease of use, making it an excellent choice for on-the-go parents.

Enhance your baby’s comfort during colder seasons with a footmuff, providing insulation and warmth while outdoors. The Voksi Adventure footmuff offers superior windproofing and insulation suitable for infants up to three years old.

For hands-free mobility and bonding with your baby, a baby carrier is a practical accessory, particularly beneficial for multitasking parents. The Carifit carrier combines style with functionality, complemented by a workout app for postpartum fitness routines.

The Junior Jones Aylo Stroller is great for urban parents

Opt for the Junior Jones Aylo Stroller for urban convenience

The Baby Bjorn Carrier Harmony comes in a range of stylish colours

The Baby Bjorn Carrier Harmony offers both style and functionality

When selecting a car seat, prioritize safety by investing in a new seat to ensure its integrity and accident-free history. Choose a rear-facing seat compatible with your pram for seamless transitions between car and stroller.

The Cosatto All in All Ultra Rotate i-Size impresses with its integrated ISOFIX base and 360̊ rotation feature, facilitating effortless access and enhanced protection in the event of a collision. This versatile car seat accommodates children from birth to 12 years, ensuring long-term safety and comfort.

A notable gadget favored by our Sun moms is the Rockit Rocker, an attachment that gently rocks your pram to alleviate the strain of manual rocking during outings.

The Rockit Rocker now comes in a rechargeable format

The Rockit Rocker now offers a rechargeable option


While the allure of adorable baby clothes is tempting, practicality and affordability are key considerations for new parents.

Heidi recommends exploring options like Vinted, supermarkets, charity shops, and online platforms for budget-friendly clothing purchases. Stock up on essentials such as vests, babygros, and muslin cloths to simplify your daily routine.

She advises against excessive clothing purchases, considering the rapid growth rate of babies and the limited utility of newborn-sized garments.

For special occasions or quality pieces, Swedish organic children’s clothing brand Polarn o. Pyret offers durable and timeless clothing options suitable for passing down to future siblings. Additionally, their Second Hand Service allows you to exchange PO.P items for vouchers toward future purchases.

Heidi emphasizes the importance of seeking assistance when needed, avoiding self-imposed pressures, and prioritizing self-care during the challenging yet rewarding journey of early parenthood.

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Polarn o. Pyret offers a Second Hand Service where you can trade unwanted clothes for a voucher

Explore the Second Hand Service by Polarn o. Pyret for sustainable clothing options