Your Next Family Movie Night Non-Animated Family Films

The best part of a weekend can be spending time together as a family watching a movie. It’s a fun opportunity to meet new people and learn about other cultures and problems. It’s also a great excuse to munch popcorn and other snacks! Here’s a list of family-friendly, non-animated films that your whole family can watch together on your next family movie night!

The sheer volume of animated films a family watches can quickly become tedious for some parents. Try one of these non-animated films the next time you have a movie night with your family to spice things up.

Timmy Failure: Mistakes Were Made

This movie tells the story of Timmy Failure, an 11-year-old misfit who thinks he and his best buddy, a polar bear named Total, are running a detective agency. In Portland, Ore., a cast of neighborhood residents, including many who find Timmy a nuisance, provide plenty of shenanigans and humor.

In this adventure film, Timmy’s extraordinary imagination takes center stage, and many children can identify with his neurodiversity. Timmy’s ability to think outside the box in difficult situations can inspire young viewers to have more confidence in themselves.

Clifford the Big Red Dog

Live-action versions of the cartoon series “Clifford the Big Red Dog” will be released in 2021. Middle schooler Emily Elizabeth, who lives in New York City with her mother, is the main character. Clifford, a red dog whose size rises in proportion to the amount of affection it receives, appears one day when she is being cared after by her uncle.

Clifford grows to enormous proportions and cannot be contained in her uncle’s apartment, so they take him to the veterinarian, where he escapes. It’s a wild ride from there. There are several recurring themes, such as self-determination and acceptance of others’ differences. The film is a family-friendly adventure that will keep everyone entertained.

The Greatest Showman

Barnum & Bailey Circus legend P.T. Barnum is the subject of “The Greatest Showman.” P.T. Barnum starts a circus of outcast artists, such as bearded ladies and acrobats, after losing his job and having his humble living threatened.

The movie focuses on the importance of being yourself, being unique, and being true to oneself. Everyone in the family will be singing and dancing to the best songs and dance numbers from the latest blockbuster movies.

Harriet the Spy

The film adaption of “Harriet the Spy” will bring back memories of living in 1996 for millennial parents. Sixth-grader Harriet dreams of becoming both a writer and a spy in this 1964 film adaptation of the book of the same name. She keeps a running journal of her thoughts. One by one, a nemesis has discovered Harriet’s most private thoughts, resulting in mayhem for everyone involved.

Forgiveness, apologizing, and stating the truth are the main themes. As a result of her words of remorse, Harriet is accepted by her classmates and friends.

Stuart Little

In this live-action rendition of E.B. White‘s popular children’s novel, Stuart Little is a mouse who lives in New York City. When the Littles go to adopt a new member, Stuart the mouse wins their hearts. When they bring him home, the cat Snowbell, for example, is less than thrilled.

Assisting others, friendship, sympathy and understanding, and loyalty to one’s family are featured in the film. Michael J. Fox provides the voice of Stuart Little, who M. Night Shyamalan co-wrote. Nathan Lane voices Snowbell in the film.

Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle

A video game accidentally discovers four youngsters in this 2017 sequel to the 1995 film “Jumanji,” which was an adaptation of a 1981 book. Upon entering the game, they are tasked with helping a player who has been trapped since 1996.

Fast-paced, hilarious, and full of action, this film is a must-see. It emphasizes the importance of family, teamwork, and accepting oneself and others for who they are.

We Bought a Zoo

Benjamin, a writer, quits his profession and transfers his family to a new home with a wildlife preserve on the land after the tragic death of his wife. In order to reopen the zoo, the family, who have no prior expertise with animals, must learn how to properly care for the creatures.

In the film, which is based on an actual incident, issues such as perseverance and courage are explored, as well as the grieving process.

The Parent Trap

In the wake of their parents’ divorce, Hallie and Annie, identical twins, were split up and sent to separate homes in California and England. The two kids meet by chance at a summer camp and decide to swap places for the purpose of getting to know one other better while also attempting to reconcile their estranged parents.

Even if you weren’t a fan of the 1961 Haley Mills version, this 1998 version is a lovely narrative of the bonds between brothers, despite their differing personalities.

Having screen time with your family is fine, as long as you’re all together. You can keep your family interested in the movie by asking questions and participating in the story. Be an example of how to interact with each other and the information they are exposed to for your family by putting your phone down and being a positive role model for them.

Relax and enjoy the movie even if it’s disrupted by life events like tantrums or multiple requests for snacks. To have a good time, it’s very important that you relax and have fun with your loved one.

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