Teaching Children Etiquettes for Using a Phone

How do we raise a generation of phone-savvy citizens?

Having proper cell phone etiquette is a vital part of today’s society. Here’s how you can start teaching your children about cell phone etiquette.

Q. I’ve decided to allow my children to use cell phones, but I want to strictly monitor their use to ensure that they do it responsibly and politely. What cell phone regulations should I be instilling in my children?

A. Ask your children what standards of etiquette they think should be followed when using a cell phone. Talk to them about the rules of the road in public and the house rules in private. You can think of with your own set of guidelines.

You can begin your conversation by referring to this list:

  • Never in a public area like a library, a movie theater, a cemetery, or a museum elevator.
  • There are no obnoxious ringtones.
  • Never when doing personal errands, such as grocery shopping, banking, or standing in line.
  • Never while driving
  • Avoid small talk while others are within ten feet of you.

When it comes to social or family circumstances, have these conversations with your kids:

  • In what circumstances should an incoming phone call take precedence over the current situation?
  • Consider the turmoil if everyone had unrestricted use of their cell phones at meals, birthday parties, holiday festivities, or when watching a movie together. 
  • Would it be okay to allow incoming calls to interrupt conversations about values and discipline or when checking the family calendar?

Do I Respond or Do I Not Respond?

It’s crucial to explain to your children that using a cell phone when in a social or family setting removes them from the present moment. Cell phones may become a persistent (and occasionally realized) distraction. There is no need to answer every call or even see who is calling with voice messaging.

You’ll have to educate your kids on how to make a phone call by excusing. When you know you’re going to get an important call, train them to tell the others around them that you’ll need to walk away to answer it. Work together to create a mobile phone protocol for the house. Consider establishing “silent zones” and “phone-free zones” and hours in order to keep everyone from being distracted.

Are You Talking to Your Children?

So, of course, you’ll need to show your kids how to use their phones responsibly; quality time with them doesn’t count if you’re using them. Getting your kids to the park or on a walk and then wasting time on the phone is never a good idea. When you’re in the car with your kids (before they get their own drivers’ licenses), take advantage of the opportunity to talk to them. How can you discuss with your youngster if you’re on your cell phone?

Social transformation is always delayed as a result of technological advancements. Because so many people are always glued to their smartphones, the way they utilize them must also evolve. For your child’s sake, you must teach them that using a cell phone loudly, whether in public or privately, is inappropriate. Many people have gotten sluggish and have lost awareness of others and their environment as a result of the ease of cell phones.

Start teaching your children about cell phone etiquette now!

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