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The effects of name-calling on our children

“Words can shatter my bones, but sticks and stones can never hurt me,” goes an old saying. However, this assertion is completely untrue in every way. One of the most damaging and unpleasant forms of bullying is name-calling. Victims get mixed messages about their own identity as a result of this. That’s why parents need to […]

The Consequences Bully Victims Go Through

Children who bully others come in various shapes and sizes, but those who have been bullied are possibly the most confounding. They are not only bullied themselves, but they also bully others, which is a double whammy for them. Learn how the consequences bully victims go through impact their health, and self-esteem. For the most part, […]

How Slut-Shaming Affects Teenage Girls

Today’s scarlet letter is far more permanent and much more difficult to remove. “Slut-shaming” is a sort of “scarlet letter” for these students, both online and in school halls. Learn more about how slut-shaming affects teenage girls! A form of cyberbullying known as slut-shaming is when girls are targeted on social media and abused for their sexuality through […]

Service And Therapy Animals For Children With Disabilities

Children with disabilities are becoming increasingly accustomed to service and therapy animals, and for a good reason. Animals can significantly impact children’s physical independence and mental wellbeing, according to research. In many contexts, service and therapy animals are also being taught to assist individuals with various disabilities. Working Animal Types *Image source: Pixelbay/Pexels/Unsplash Service, emotional […]

The Factors Affecting The Mental Health Of Teens

Thinking about your adolescent’s mental health problem can make you nervous or even scared. Just as it’s critical to maintain tabs on your teen’s physical health, so is it crucial to keep tabs on your teen’s psychological health. Teenage years are a particularly difficult time for dealing with mental health difficulties. In the United States, […]